Impact Funds

Together we can make more capital impact capital. Join a vibrant community of funds and fund managers who share the know-how and the ambitions to accelerate change. 


EVPA can help impact funds increase their impact and achieve long-term objectives across a variety of sectors and geographies. 

Our resources, network, expertise, which includes decades of impact experience and over 300 impact actors means that we can support mission-driven funds at scale. 

We are the change accelerator for impact funds in Europe.


Coming in 2023

> Knowledge & capacity building: Exploring everything around impact investing through trainings to educate your internal teams on the sector.

> Impact investment strategy’’’: working with you to help define and align your investment objectives.

> Impact measurement and management: knowing the impact of your investment portfolio so you can evaluate the effectiveness to make informed investment decisions and articulate your impact to your stakeholders.

EU Policy and Funding mentoring: access EU funding opportunities and forge connections with funders like EIF & EIB.

Impact Funds Plan 2023 - timeline


The Sound of Impact!

In EVPA's Sound Funding podcast, host Ryan Grant Little talks to leading European impact investors about how they power social and environmental impact to create a better world.


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