Impact Funds

Together we can make more capital impact capital. Join a vibrant community of funds and fund managers who put impact first and share the know-how to accelerate change. 


Impact funds benefit from a community of engaged peers and pooled wisdom, where mobilising financial and non-financial resources for impact ventures is the goal. Share best practices and impact stories that push the impact ecosystem forward. Access the latest EU funding opportunities and forge connections with funders like the EIF and EIB. 

We are the change accelerator for impact funds. 


Coming in 2023

>Fund Challenges: a series of members-only gatherings; topics include deals and talent sourcing, and how impact influences decision making. 

>Fundraising Sessions: in-person events matching the needs of funds to funders-of-funds.

>Sound Funding podcast on funding, fundraising, dealflow, portfolio and impact – new episodes coming soon!


Impact Story