Learn the practicalities of impact finance with our Training Academy. Install impact-driven investment culture and know-how across your teams and at the heart of your organisation.


Impact actors from across the continuum of capital rely on the EVPA learning offer to advance their understanding of impact practices and culture.

As a learning and capacity-building hub, we offer trainings from introductory to advanced impact topics. Whether you work in a foundation, an impact fund, a financial institution or a corporation, we have designed our trainings to help you become more effective and maximise your impact.

Placing impact at the heart of your organisation can mean reappraising the strategy you pursue, the operations driving you forward and the organisation itself. This requires changes in mindset, driven by shared expertise. Our courses explore these shifts in addition to the practical topics covered.


Coming in 2023 

Blended and in-person trainings:

>> Impact Finance Fundamentals in partnership with ESADE Business School

>> Investing for Impact Crash Course in Torino, priori to our Impact Week (22 November 2023)

>> Impact Measurement and Management: the Next Level – a combination of individual exercises, online sessions with experts and 2 in-person days in Brussels; 

Tailored packages for capacity building: members-only online trainings, catering to specific practitioner needs


What’s in it for you?

  • Meet leading experts and top practitioners who share their experience
  • Access high quality content based on our research
  • Discover real-life case studies
  • Experience peer- and project-based learning and interactive workshops
  • Discover ready-to-use tools, strategies and materials
  • Participate in site visits to explore the local social impact ecosystems
  • Learn with our e-learning platform through curated materials and a focus on social learning

Participating in an EVPA training is a real game changer: you can increase confidence and knowledge, seek new solutions based on best practices and become part of a thriving peer network.


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