Corporate Impact

Connect with purpose-driven corporate leaders aiming to create more coherence between impact and business agendas, leverage resources and advance social impact.


Corporate impact actors bring a unique mix of experience and resources, necessary to accelerate impact – but only if we’re strategic, smart and collaborative. 

Corporate social investors – a crucial group in corporate impact – get lots of networking and learning opportunities, and proven strategies to mobilise resources from other impact capital providers. They can also increase their visibility and recognition in the impact community by publishing stories, articles and videos right here. 

We offer corporate impact stakeholders – leaders from ESG, sustainability and corporate social impact fields – ways to learn how peers thrive in the social impact ecosystem and benchmark their initiatives. Find the necessary support to articulate the business case for impact, including data-driven reports, case studies and insights.


Coming in 2023

>The S in ESG: be ready for more materials on this topic! Here's a perfect introduction. 

>Business of Impact (15-16 May, Venice): THE event for corporate impact leaders and corporate social investors to accelerate their impact journey.

>Accelerate corporate impact journey: quarterly online meet-up to exchange best practices on influencing business models

>Learning Bites: small portions of great wisdom on the topic of corporate social investing shared via email. Subscribe to our newsletters to receive them!

>Showcase of impact measurement and management in a corporate context 

>Corporate Social Responsibility Directive – a dedicated session during our Impact Week in Turin 22-24 November.


Greatest hits 

>Impact Integrity: Learn about the challenges and assess the risk for impact integrity in your organisation

>Collective Corporate Impact Strategies

>Strategic Alignment

>Employee Engagement


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