Foundations of all shapes and sizes (from small family outlets to big names) connect through our initiatives in strategic philanthropy and social investment. Go beyond traditional grant-making – to accelerate and maximise impact.


We offer a connection point between foundations and all kinds of impact capital providers, with the aim of increasing collaboration and driving systemic change. 

Through insights, events and more, we give foundations the chance to learn the latest trends and practices in the impact ecosystem. Foundations can engage with the greater community to share expertise on social and environmental challenges, impact measurement and management practices and the engaged grant-making approach. 

Foundations have a world of opportunity to accelerate their impact; in fact, they account for only 1% of the total amount attracted by impact investors. This is where foundations get the knowledge and network necessary to scale up their impact. 


Coming in 2023

>Catalytic grantmaking: a series of members-only gatherings with practitioners deploying grants in a catalytic way 

>Investing endowments for impact: an online talk; a UK site visit with practitioners; more events at Impact Week 2023 in Torino. 

>Impact Together: a series of activities on strategic philanthropy. 

Foundations plan 2023 - timeline

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