Catalytic Capital

“Catalytic capital is way more than a programme; it is the common thread that helps us mobilise philanthropic, patient and commercial capital.” - Roberta Bosurgi, EVPA CEO


Increasing knowledge about catalytic capital and bolstering its deployment – these are the goals of EVPA’s collaboration with the Catalytic Capital Consortium.  Having already sparked a global discussion, held practitioner gatherings and collected case studies, we’re now ready to take the community’s vision of catalytic capital to a wider audience.  

The impact space, mainstream finance and public sector actors can all benefit from awareness of what catalytic capital is and how it works. Join us in this endeavour for 2023! 


Coming in 2023 

>Catalytic Capital in Action: case studies, and more to come – Share your experience and learnings!

>Call for consultation to raise awareness beyond practitioners, stimulate the debate and mobilise catalytic resources

>White paper – launching in June 

>Articles, opinion pieces, case study mapping and more! 


Greatest hits 

>Conversations: Events like Sparking a Global Discussion and private practitioner gatherings helped us form a cross-sectoral understanding of catalytic capital.

>Definition: Read our opinion piece on the challenges of defining catalytic capital. 

>Practitioner insights: We engaged with 60+ experts and practitioners from 50 European organisations investing globally to explore what catalytic capital means to them, why it matters and what are the main barriers to its adoption. This essential info, along with case studies, will directly inform our upcoming white paper on the topic – thank you to those who contributed!

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