Catalytic Capital

The impact space, mainstream finance and public sector actors can all benefit from awareness of what catalytic capital is and how it works. We aim to increase understanding and deployment of catalytic capital, and build a European community of practice.


Increasing knowledge about catalytic capital and bolstering its deployment – these are the goals of EVPA’s collaboration with the Catalytic Capital Consortium. Having already sparked a global discussion on catalytic capital, we’ve now launched Catalytic Capital Decoded, a series of practitioner gatherings.  

Changemakers throughout the impact ecosystem are finding new ways to go catalytic for the benefit of people and planet. Our gatherings aim to make sure catalytic capital practitioners get actionable insights, tailored to their specific space in the impact ecosystem. 

Help raise awareness and build the resources available to catalytic capital actors. Share your experience and learnings here! The selected case studies will also have the chance to be presented in person during our Impact Week and/or be featured in our white paper.



>Data: Survey our community to get a baseline for future work

>Conversations: Open up to different voices to form a cross-sectoral understanding of catalytic capital

>Community: Bring together those who are either already deploying or interested in deploying further catalytic capital

>Cases: Showcase success to drive understanding and adoption from new players. Share your experience and learnings here!

>White Paper: Provide data, insights and answers in three key areas: awareness, deployment and barriers

>Impact Week Brussels: Work to remove barriers and mobilise resources, in the form of co-investment or indirect investments 


* These events are co-funded by the European Union, by the EaSI strand of the ESF+ programme.

co-funded by the EU