Corporate Initiative

Connect with European corporate social investors and advance social impact by strategically leveraging corporate resources.


The Corporate Initiative (CI) connects around 80 European Corporate Social Investors in search of the most effective ways to advance their social impact by strategically leveraging corporate resources.

We aim to build a space where CSIs have the necessary expertise, guidance, network and recognition to contribute to real long-term social change, directly through their own operations or indirectly by influencing the operations of the related company.

On top of the regular EVPA membership benefits, EVPA Corporate Initiative members also get:

  • 1 free ticket for C Summit – Europe’s biggest corporate philanthropy and social investing summit 
  • Priority speaking slot for C Summit 
  • Access to workshops and events specifically organised for Corporate Social Investors 
  • Priority to co-create research and publications on corporate social investing: participate in expert groups and/or in case studies
  • Feature in our corporate success stories 
  • New - Optional: Call with the Corporate Initiative research team (60 minutes) for an introduction to our CI guidance materials, benchmarking, individual assessment call, and in-depth discussion on:


>Impact Integrity: Learn about the challenges and assess the risk for impact integrity in your organisation. We’ll guide you through the possible mitigation actions to tackle these challenges.

>ESG: How can corporate social investors contribute to the S in their company's ESG strategy? 

>Corporate Impact Reporting: The EU is rolling out new rules for companies to report on their environmental and social footprint. Share your perspective and help shape policy!

>C Summit: THE flagship gathering for corporate social investors in Europe.


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