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Social investors are key actors for effective deployment of more than two trillion euros of EU financial instruments for recovery and green transition. Use the easy guide below to see your opportunities!

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InvestEU Portal

The InvestEU Portal is one of the three pillars of the InvestEU Programme, together with the InvestEU Fund and the InvestEU Advisory Hub.

The Portal is the online EU marketplace connecting EU-based project promoters seeking financing from investors worldwide. It is a single EU-wide database that is easily accessible and user-friendly to attract investments to quality projects that are pre-screened by the European Commission. 

Social investors can benefit from this platform in two ways: they can publish their own project ideas to attract investments or search for projects and businesses with the Commission’s seal of quality to invest in.

Good to know

The European Commission may transmit the projects received on the InvestEU Portal to the InvestEU implementing partners (e.g. EIF, National Promotional Banks, International financial institutions etc.), who will examine projects falling within their geographic and activity scope, and to the InvestEU Advisory Hub, where an advisory initiative exists and if the project promoters request advisory support. Therefore, the Portal can bring enhanced visibility and opportunities for social investors’ projects and investment ideas.

How to benefit from the InvestEU Portal

Investors and project promoters have to create a user profile to submit projects or access projects already published on the InvestEU Portal website. Submitted projects are screened by the European Commission based on the admission criteria set out in Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2021/626.



The InvestEU Advisory Hub

The InvestEU Advisory Hub is one of the three pillars of the InvestEU Programme, together with the InvestEU Fund and the InvestEU Portal. The Advisory Hub is a one-stop-shop assistance service that seeks to turn businesses and project ideas into successful investment projects. 

The advisory support is delivered in the sectors and priorities of the InvestEU Programme, such as the four InvestEU policy windows: sustainable infrastructure; research, innovation and digitalisation; small and medium-sized enterprises; and social investment and skills window - the most relevant window for social investors. Moreover, the service offers support for cross-sectoral and horizontal investment areas that show a clear market gap.

Who can apply for advisory support?

Public authorities, private project promoters and financial intermediaries can get advisory support and technical assistance in identifying, preparing, developing, structuring and implementing investment projects across the European Union, including in capacity building. 

Good to know 

Social investors can apply for the Advisory hub support for their investments even if they are not applying to InvestEU Fund, although most advisory initiatives are linked and support specific InvestEU financial products. 

Moreover, social investors applying to the Advisory Hub services are not automatically entitled to receive financing support from the InvestEU Fund, applications for such financing must be submitted separately and assessed in accordance with the respective eligibility criteria.

Applying for advisory support

Social investors can apply for advisory support through the InvestEU Central Entry Point. To formally apply for advisory support, you will need to register and log in via EU Login.

Partners delivering the InvestEU Advisory Hub 

The European Commission, responsible for implementing the InvestEU Advisory Hub, selects its advisory partners among National Promotional Banks and Institutions (NPBIs), International Financial Institutions (IFIs), executive agencies or external service providers (e.g. consultancy companies, sectoral associations) active within the EU to implement one or several advisory initiatives.

The European Investment Bank Group (EIBG) acts as the main Advisory Partner within the InvestEU Advisory Hub. It implements 75% of the InvestEU Advisory Hub budget in delivering advisory services to beneficiaries.

Entities interested in becoming advisors have to apply for calls for expression of interest that are published on the regular Communication platforms of the European Commission.

How can you apply for advisory support?

You can easily apply for advisory support through the InvestEU Central Entry Point. To formally apply for advisory support, you will need to register and log in via EU Login.



The fi-compass

The fi-compass is an one-stop-shop advisory platform launched by the European Commission in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB). This service is designed to provide financial and technical assistance to better equip managing authorities and private investors to make efficient use of the financial instruments under the EU shared management – EU funds jointly managed by the European Commission and national authorities (such as the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) supporting the social economy actors).

To this aim, fi-compass publishes practical know-how and learning tools on the financial instruments available under these EU fund programmes. Learn more