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Purpose-driven leaders are the world’s best hope for accelerating impact and solving our greatest social and environmental challenges. Becoming an EVPA member in 2023 will put your organisation in the strongest possible position to elevate impact finance, reach your goals and lead the way to a better world.

Join THE impact finance network in Europe.

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EVPA members are a who's who of impact finance – wise and purposeful. We welcome impact leaders across the full spectrum of capital. New impact actors get proven ways to integrate, including groundbreaking research and learning resources.

This means you’ll join an impact network of established leaders and fresh innovators alike, where diverse voices shape the most crucial debates. We offer our community actionable ways and in-depth research to keep integrity at the forefront, ensuring a real transition to a just and green economy, without impact washing.

Join the change accelerator for impact capital providers. 

change accelerator

To solve our greatest social and environmental challenges, we need to make more capital impact capital, and more stakeholders impact stakeholders. This year we’ll offer more ways for corporate members to scale their impact, and clearer paths for mainstream finance players to enter the space, measure impact properly, and drive more change.

Accelerating change will also mean scaling up our work on catalytic capital, the common thread that can help us mobilise philanthropic, patient and commercial capital – expect a full programme of thought-leadership, whitepapers, meetups and more.

Join the impact ecosystem and synergies builder.

impact builders

Systemic change is a puzzle where you need all the pieces; EVPA helps members find the missing ones. Members get clearer ways to unlock public-private partnerships, as we’ll continue to get the ear of policymakers and untangle the EU funding web.

Members can participate in collaborative work building new markets, in the Eastern Partnership countries and the MENA region. Together we can build an expansive impact ecosystem where our community thrives.

Join a community of purpose-driven impact leaders.

impact leaders

People are the lifeblood of this endeavour we call impact, and we hope you will join our vibrant community.


Who’s in?


> Connect with all kinds of impact capital providers, collaborate and drive systemic change
> Learn the latest trends and practices in the impact ecosystem, including deploying catalytic grants and investing endowments for impact 
> Share knowledge and expertise on social and environmental challenges and impact measurement and management practices

Impact funds and banks

> Connect with like-minded investors to learn how to deploy capital effectively and efficiently
> Connect with potential funders and access the latest information on EU funding
> Mobilise financial and non-financial resources for specific ventures
> Share and showcase impact stories and practices to contribute to the ecosystem

Corporate social investors (CSIs)

> Connect and learn from the impact community
> Connect with other CSIs and learn how to maximise impact when operating in the corporate ecosystem
> Become more effective in mobilising corporate resources
> Find inspiration to accelerate your related company’s corporate impact journey

Institutional investors / Asset managers

> Get a full set of impact tools to equip teams for impact investing
> Connect to a community of impact investors, learn how peers are operating in the social impact ecosystem
> Get to know impact funds pushing the envelope – and waiting for your investment!

If you’re impact, you’re in.


We need diverse voices in the room, now more than ever, to keep innovating and make the world a better place. Expanding the community represents a way to develop and nurture new ideas, new enterprises and new solutions – because the old way of doing things, just slightly improved, is not going to cut it this year. Not when we have the wellbeing of future generations on our hands.

Together through thick and thin

Despite the inflationary context and increased cost pressures, our fees will stay the same in 2023.

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Where impact leaders meet

Become a member now and your fee will include one free ticket for our unmissable Impact Week. In 2023 we are heading to Torino, the impact capital of Italy - and Europe - from 22 to 24 November.

EVPA Members who have renewed their membership before 15 March 2023 benefit from 2 free Impact Week tickets.

Complimentary members benefit from member discounts, but are not eligible for free Impact Week tickets.

A long-term relationship

You’ll benefit from a 5% discount in case of a two-year commitment and a 10% discount if you commit for three years.


The European Crowdfunding Network (EUROCROWD) and EVPA are partnering to strengthen their respective networks and their position in the European impact finance space. This partnership includes 20% membership discount for all EUROCROWD members who wish to become EVPA members. 

Your turn.


What are the issues shaping your plans? Let us know and we’ll help you make the most of your EVPA experience. Let’s join forces to make our impact bigger, smarter and game-changing!

We hope to welcome you to Europe’s impact network – and make the community we’ve built for the last 19 years stronger than ever!


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