The Hellenic Impact Investing Conference 2023

| Sector Event | Athens

Greece is today on the spotlight in terms of foreign investments and an ideal destination for sustainable investments.
Join us at the first international Impact Investing Conference in Athens, Greece!

The Hellenic Impact Investing Network, Tsomokos Communications, and Phenix Capital Group join forces to bring international expertise, and renown speakers from all over the world at the 1st Hellenic Impact Investing Conference, on Thursday, February 16, at the Benaki Museum, Athens Greece.

Program Overview

The philosophy of Sustainability reflects on the topics as well as the organization itself.

Energy Independence
Climate change and Sustainability Energy Trends, Infrastructure, Technologies and Energy Communities

Food Security & Biodiversity
Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Nature-Based Solutions, Reforestation

The Blue Economy
Green Shipping, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Aquaculture, Coastal Infrastructure

Impact Grassroots
Accelerating Start-ups and Venture Capital Strategies to Scale-up Impact Ventures

Social Entrepreneurship
Its Role in Education, Healthcare, Gender Equality, Culture and Social Inclusion

Global Impact
Creating new Impact Ecosystems in New Markets, the Example of Greece

Impact Facilitators
The Role of Governments, EU, Regulators, NGOs, Philanthropists, Academia