Lara Viada


Lara Viada is the Investment Director at CREAS and she is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing. She believes that organisations with sustainable business models can solve pressing social and environmental issues in a sustainable way.

Lara started her career in finance and marketing at L'Oreal but after 4 years she had the clear goal to shift to a more purpose-led line of work and decided to pursue a masters in international development and economics in Johns Hopkins University. Since then and for the last 8 years, she has been working in impact investing, first at the Overseas Private Corporation (OPIC) in DC, then for Grassroots Business Fund in Latin America and later for Vivergi and then Creas in Spain. During this period she also worked directly with social enterprises and accelerators and did consulting work for organizations like UNDP, the World Bank or Intermon Oxfam. She actively supports the development and consolidation of the thriving Spanish Impact Investment Sector.