Samunnati Foundation

Samunnati is on a mission to create an open Agri-network to unlock the trillion-dollar plus potential of Indian agriculture with smallholder farmers at the center of it. Staying true to its name, Samunnati stands for collective growth & collective prosperity for the Agri ecosystem. Samunnati does this by connecting players across the agriculture value chain and enabling affiliated Farmer Collectives and the larger ecosystem to be more efficient and productive through multiple technology enabled interventions and collaborative partnerships.

Samunnati Foundation, a not-for-profit Company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, was established in March 2020 with an objective to enable inclusive growth and create opportunities for the unserved/underserved communities of smallholder farmers. The entity thrives to make a tangible difference in the livelihoods of unserved/ underserved communities of the agricultural ecosystem. The constituents of such communities include smallholder farmers highly prone to the risks of agriculture, aspirational youth from farming community lacking resources for skill development and potential Agri entrepreneurs lacking resources, support, and exposure from the industry.