Province of Noord-Brabant

Noord-Brabant is a province of the Netherlands, located in the south of the country. The Province of Noord-Brabant is the first Dutch government body with and Outcomes Fund: the Brabant Outcomes Fund (BOF). The BOF si a public/private financing methodology aiming to scale enterprises who create positive societal impact. The approach of the BOF is based on results-based financing. The BOF is inspired by the approach of Social impact Bonds and Outcomes Funds all over the world, but is slightly different: the point of departure being a societal issue whereby not only financial success or savings are valued, but also the societal and ecological impat, sustainable results and both qualitative and quantitative results. On top of that also so the perspective of the beneficiaries are important to estimate the multiple value that these enterprises create.

To create scale, they like to cooperate with and learn from other public and private bodies who aim for positive societal impact. Being a member of EVPA network is very valuable to create more connections and exchange of experience.

The Province of Noord-Brabant represents the administrative layer between the national government and the local municipalities. The provincial administration takes initiatives on an economic, social and cultural level and coordinates actions. The provincial administration of Brabant is primarily concerned with:

  • Spatial development
  • Accessibility and mobility for the region
  • Regional economic policy
  • Culture and regional identity

The Province of Noord-Brabant is an enterprising, innovative and successful Dutch region in Europe where high tech and high touch are inseparable. The close collaboration between the Brabant partners, in national and international networks, stimulates the further development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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