MAIF Impact

MAIF IMPACT is the impact investment fund of MAIF, a French mutual insurance company, that covers all the needs of more than three million members in property insurance, personal protection insurance, ... With its 8 000 employees, MAIF group reached a turnover of 3.7 billion euros in 2020 and is since 2020, is a mission-driven company.

We are strongly convinced that social innovation can contribute to resolve the challenges of our society and that entrepreneurs who address at the same time economic performance and social impact will succeed and bring people and places to a better future.

We invest in entrepreneurs who tackle social challenges and who grow profitable mission-driven companies with strong social outcomes. MAIF Impact focus on three social challenges:

  • Access to culture, education and training for all
  • New mechanisms of solidarity among people and places, such as short food circuits, social mobility...
  • Circular economy

MAIF Impact is a 40m€ fund, 100% MAIF. We invest in equity, quasi equity with an average ticket of 500k€.

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