Impactive Values

We are currently experiencing one of the greatest challenge to our planet and society. To meet this challenge, society and economy have to undergo a coordinated and fundamental change in the way we are living and using resources at our diSocial Purpose Organisationsal.

Impactive Values is making a small contribution towards this Great Transformation by taking responsibiliby and acquiring SMEs who do have the potential to become lighthouse companies of tomorrow, and actively develop them towards being ecologically, economically and socially positive. With this, they are combining entrepreneurial tradition with a pro-active ambition to transform and building structures that benefit all - for the betterment of the company, its community and all other stakeholders. For people and environment. For Profit and Impact. For all of us.

Values create Impact. Impact creates value.

Impactive Values is a Transformative Impact Investor, that as a Family Office, directly invests in majority stakes of SMEs in order to develop them strategically in the long term. Considering investments across Europe, the regional focus currently lies within the German-speaking region (DACH).

Usually coming into play in succession situations, the companies can be "old-economy", but which after careful considerations and understanding of the risks and potential of its value creation, have the possibility to be transformed into ecologically, economically and socially positive businesses.

A comprehensive, integrated transformation strategy is developed and deployed in order to reach specific transformation goals set to work towards this aim. These transformation goals set to work towards this aim. This transformation takes place in all aspects of the company, from its culture to every step in its value chain.

Impactive Values contributes its part towards to Impact Community by regularly exchanging ideas, experiences and frameworks with other investors, scholars and institutions in order to help the young impact ecosystem to prosper.

Impactive Values is a member of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing e.V.

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