Our vision is to evolve into a hub of creativity and open dialogue aimed at promoting collaboration and innovation in the nonprofit sector as well as a meeting place for all interested parties, both literally and symbolically. HIGGS is a non-profit organization that aims to reinforce Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Greece through educational and supportive programs. It offers capacity-building support to small and medium CSOs mainly through training and educational initiatives.

Currently, it operates four capacity-building programs: the Accelerator, the Incubator, the Green & Social Entrepreneurship Incubator, and the Recharge designed for the Greek CSO ecosystem assisting them in their growth and development. Furthermore, HIGGS implements tailor-made training programs and consulting services for CSOs and Social Impact Assessment services for businesses, Public Benefits Institutions, and nonprofits. HIGGS implements important Events such as the Annual Conference on Civil Society and the Donors Speed Dating Event. In addition, HIGGS operates an Advocacy Unit that aims in empowering organizations to undertake a more active role in advocacy and participates in European-funded projects. HIGGS further focuses on the enhancement of knowledge in the Greek CSO sector by taking part in research, establishing a knowledge repository on civil society, and disseminating best practices. In this framework, HIGGS operates as a "hub" among the CSOs. For the past three years, HIGGS has been co-organizing the "Green Ideas Greece Competition" in the context of the ‘Balkan Green Ideas' competition, a project of the Balkan Green Foundation, which aims to stimulate and encourage innovation for green ideas while engaging local communities to generate green initiatives that utilize local resources and community-based markets.