FAIRE - Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs

FAIRE is a French Endowment Fund created in 2018 created in 2018 by Nick Nopporn Suppipat, a successful entrepreneur and political refugee.

Our mission is twofold: (a) to support and empower refugees to become successful entrepreneurs in France, and (b) - To promote a new vision and approach of refugees' role, inclusion and contribution to French society through entrepreneurship.

We achieve this via two areas of focus that encompass three programs:

Funding programs:

- Supporting selected refugee or migrant entrepreneurs, via 0% loans in the amount of 20 000 euros.

- Supporting existing charitable organisations offering incubation programs for refugee and migrant entrepreneurs, via donations.

Changing the narrative:

- By contributing to the public debate about the role of refugees in society and how best to include them (find out more).

At FAIRE we firmly believe that migrants and refugees are a golden opportunity for social and economic growth in their host countries.