Eurazeo pme

Eurazeo pme (formerly OFI Private Equity Capital) is positioned on the buyout small cap market, primarily involving companies that have already gone through an initial structuring step during a primary buyout (the takeover then entails a secondary buyout) or an IPO (the takeover then entails a delisting, an operation referred to as "Public to Private").

Eurazeo pme has a policy of long-term association with the management of the companies, who are also investing in their companies for the medium and long term. Its investment strategy focuses on investing in equity and mezzanine in secondary buy-out transactions of smallcapital French companies valued between 15 million and 75 million. Furthermore, they have been one of the first private equity firm to embrace ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) issues surrounding sustainable development in the investment strategy and in the development of its majority-held companies, to appoint a Director of sustainable development in 2008 and to adopt the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) in 2009.

Eurazeo pme's involvement in corporate responsibility: One of the founder of the Sustainable Development Club within AFIC. Realisation of a carbon footprint for their management and its majority held companies. Setting up of a CSR Charter in 2009. ESG reporting (extra-financial performance indicators). Setting up of an external expert committee.

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